I’d rather hang myself than hang myself

My wife found this image a couple of weeks ago on Facebook and asked what the bastard had to say about it. Always being one for replying to things in a timely manner, here is my short and sweet answer:

I think the headline says it all, I would not be caught dead in such a contraption. It’s inanely ridiculous that he needs to inconvenience himself publicly in such a manner in front of all their friends.

How low can one stoop in trying to live up to some ableist norm? Apparently low enough to hang from the ceiling like some crippled Pinoccio at one’s own wedding.


I am pretty sure if my wife saw me hanging like that she’d get all excited and think it was some new kinky game I had invented. And in that case I would find it rather inappropriate in front of our wedding guests.

2 thoughts on “I’d rather hang myself than hang myself

  1. Please read me out first.
    If this guy was my groom i would have fainted and died. If i loved him in a wheelchair then this is how i loved him. Just the way he is.

    BUT but..did u just pause to think for a minute that maybe the title was wrong and HE wanted to kind of be standing?

    In any case i personally think it is rediculous. But my opinion will be altered slightly if HE was the one missing the “standing” feeling.

  2. Stumbled into your blog. Earlier today on FB I saw wedding pictures of a high school classmate at his daughter’s wedding. He’s quadraplegic. Wish I could paste their awesome father-daughter dance picture here.

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