Who is this bastard

I am a 40-something year old man who was born with spina bifida. Having been born into a disabled body and an inquisitive mind  it is pretty natural for me to be interested in things disability related from different angles.

Now, if you expect a learned discourse on the more subtle facts of the complexity of the social model of disability this is not the place. However, I am going to discuss some of the things that are being discussed amongst scholars and others interested in a way that is easily available. I will take examples from my own life as well as that of others. I am striving to make some posts that are thought-provoking and entertaining – maybe not always at the same time.

I have lived a life on the edge and I have certainly not always done the things that a cripple was supposed to do. Therefore I am a bastard in that sense. Furthermore, I can’t promise to always be kind to my fellow cripples, but what I will say is that I will be brutally honest.

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